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Golf holidays in Karlovy Vary & Marienbad - Czech Republic

Golf holidays in Karlovy Vary & Marienbad - Czech Republic

Golf holidays in Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary is the largest of the Czech spa towns on the German border and enjoys a healthy influx of tourists from the old East Germany.

The town has two sides to it that could not be more strikingly different: the grim grey communist blocks of the industrial side are less than inspiring; the bright hotels and shops of the spa side are dazzling.  The hot waters of the Tepla river run through the brighter side of town that is alive with holidaymakers enjoying all the good things that life in the modern day Czech Republic has to offer.  Cafés, shops bars and restaurants line both sides of the river, pony and traps jaunt through the strollers and there is a pervasive feeling of well-being.

Golf holidays in Karlovy Vary & Marienbad - Czech Republic

The town is alive with geo-thermal activity - fourteen hot-springs burst forth from the rock in Karlovy Vary: one is particularly energetic and forms a geyser in the centre of town.  Each font carries a unique blend of dissolved minerals from the belly of the Earth, each an alleged cure for a variety of ailments.  Czechs visit the springs to drink the waters from the specialised spa cup with a spout in the handle.  Everybody carries one, so grab one from the street vendors if you want to fit in with the local look - you never know there might be a cure for three-putting...

Golf holidays in Marianske Lazne (Marienbad)

Marienbad has a string of fabulous old spas and hotels that interconnect with tunnels and covered walkways to form a chain from the top of the hill by the old church right down into the old Roman spa in the centre of town: so you can stay in any one of eight hotels and enjoy as many of the eight spas as you like – a truly unique way to spa!

Golf holidays in Karlovy Vary & Marienbad - Czech Republic

Getting to Karlovy Vary and Marienbad

The easiest way to get to Karlovy Vary or Marienbad is to fly to Prague.  From the capital it takes about two hours to head west, along good roads, to the German border.  We can arrange hire-cars for you (road manners are good), or alternatively we can arrange a local driver to ferry you around.

There are also some routes into Nuremburg, which might be convenient for you, depending on your departure airport.

We can advise on the best flights to the Czech Republic for your golf holiday just let us know your preferred departure airport.


Driving to the Czech Republic

If you wish to pack your golf clubs into your car and head off on your golf holiday under your own steam then it is not out of the question to drive yourself across Germany from the French ports.  It will take a full day, but the autobahns are excellent (and as fast as you like!) or you could break the journey with a night in Germany if you prefer?

If you would like to break your journey with an overnight stop en-route then just say the word as we know of many great little places to stay - with golf courses nearby - or even without golf!

Golf holidays in Karlovy Vary & Marienbad - Czech Republic Golf holidays in Karlovy Vary & Marienbad - Czech Republic
Golf holidays in Karlovy Vary & Marienbad - Czech Republic
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Sample Itinerary

5 nights in the luxury of the 5-star Grand Hotel Pupp, with free spa access
5 rounds of golf
£795.00 per person

Or a similar stay at the Embassy Hotel
£670.00 per person


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