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Golf holidays in Northern Brittany
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Golf holidays - North Brittany

Holidays in the North of Brittany are eternally popular amongst British golfers thanks to the beautiful coastal scenery, charming Breton villages, wonderful seafood, welcoming locals and ease of access from the UK.

Golf courses in northern Brittany are mainly concentrated around St. Malo - extremely convenient as there happens to be a port there as well!  Strung out along the rocky North Brittany coast you will find a daisy chain of good golf courses all of which are worthy of consideration for your next golf holiday in France.

North Brittany - golf courses

The very best courses to play golf on holiday in North Brittany are loosely grouped around Dinard and St. Malo: golf courses stretch from Le Tronchet in the East to Pleneuf Val Andre in the West along the picturesque Cote d'Emeraude - a rugged pastiche of granite outcrops and sandy coves.

Starting at the second oldest golf course in France Dinard, a splendid old seaside golf course full of indescribable charms, head West via the holiday courses at Pen Guen and Sables d'Or, until you reach the remarkable Pleneuf Val Andre - a wondrous layout that plunges from atop the cliffs to the waves below.  Carrying on even further to the West you will find two more hidden gems of Brittany St. Samson and Sables d'Or on the Cote de Granite Rose deep in the seafaring heart of Brittany; any further west and you will need to start swimming!

Turning East from Dinard there is a lovely Parkland golf course around the Chateau des Ormes, which has a curiously British feel about the place - despite the unmistakably French chateau!  A little further along you will find the testing course of St. Malo Le Tronchet a tough golf course with a long winding trip through the dense forest.

If you are sailing back from Cherbourg then one of France's true links courses is en-route at Granville.  Strictly speaking it is in Normandy, but golfing wise it fits nicely with the golf courses of Northern Brittany.

North Brittany golf holidays - where to stay

Dinard is the stand-out location for golf holidays in North Brittany: in the heart of the golfing action, plenty to see, do and eat in town and all just ten minutes from the ferry terminal at St. Malo. 

Another great place to stay for your Brittany golf break is the ancient (and rather peculiar) town of Dinan further up the river Rance.  The town is built in two parts: the medieval market town on top of the riverside cliff with a smaller expansion of riverside restaurants below.

If you like to be on top of your golf course on holiday then the nice little three-star hotel on the Le Tronchet course could well be the place for you.  Likewise the simple hotel at Saint Samson is very good value in its secluded spot near Roscoff.

North Brittany golf holidays - the area

The landscape of North Brittany is a panoply of stark limestone coastline interspersed with sandy coves and rockpools.  The Breton villages that run alongside the seashore are hewn from the local rock so look and feel at one with the Brittany landscapes.  Inland as the ground rises away from the water, herds of chocolatey-brown cattle roam the lush green fields and towering stone spires rise skyward from every village and hamlet.

The seafaring traditions in Brittany are as strong today as they have ever been and fresh fish and shellfish are landed early every morning to make it to restaurant tables in time for lunch.  Oysters, lobster, langoustines are on every menu, as is one of Brittany's greal epicurean triumphs - Soupe de Poissons a rich, velvety reduction of the Atlantic Ocean that is served with croutons, grated cheese and rouille (a sppicy garlicky mayonnaise) that makes this a dish not to miss!

Soupe de Poissons

Getting to Northern Brittany

The very easiest way to play golf in Brittany from the UK is via the Brittany Ferries crossings from Portsmouth to St. Malo or Roscoff.  An overnight sailing with a cabin, followed by a ten-minute drive across the dam at the mouth of the Rance will have you on the first Tee at Dinard by eight o'clock!

Alternatively, day crossings are very good value if you have the time to spare; there are also Fastcraft sailings if you are in a little more of a hurry to get to the golf courses in this fabulous part of France!

Flights to Northern Brittany

If you would prefer to fly, then there are several routes into Brittany's capital city Rennes and more limited services into Le Havre.  We can advise on the best flights to Brittany for you, just let us know your preferred departure airport.

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