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Golf holidays in the Loire Valley:
golf & chateaux & wine breaks in the heart of France.

Golf holidays - Loire Valley

The lengthy Loire is lined with simply stunning chateau and has long been frequented by visitors to France who come to gaze at the towering tributes to human creativity in stone and glass. Between the chateau the waters of the Loire ensure a rich, fertile and well irrigated soil so agriculture abounds.  The whole valley is a peaceful tranche of green dotted with fairytale castles, sleepy villages and vineyards: sound like somewhere you might like to go on holiday???

The banks of the Loire are good for growing grass too, so it is not surprising that golf courses have sprung up here and there.  And there are some rather nice ones.  The population density of the Le Loiret départment is not high, so courses tend to be a little spread out across the countryside: so a little touring is necessary.  But with scenery this good it's by no means a chore!

Loire Valley golf breaks - where to stay

Here and there along the Loire there are some concentrations of golf.  Our favourite spot is La Flèche towards the western end of the river.  La Flèche is very easy to get to from the Channel ports of Caen in half a day's drive or Cherbourg (a little further) and there are golf courses to play on the way if you fancy a round en-route?

Once ensconced in La Flèche you are very nicely placed for 45 of the best holes in France, which are to be found at Sablé-Solesmes and Baugé Golf Clubs.  From here you can head east to discover the big Chateaux and renowned towns like Saumur and Tours.  Or, keep local, and investigate a few of the lesser chateaux and vineyards along the quieter river - Le Loir.

Being a little off the well trodden trail, you will also find that prices are a little keener too!

Golf courses of the Loire Valley

If you like your golf courses lush and tranquil then the Loire Valley is the place for you.  The golf courses are a little thinly spread but we can assure you that they are worth unearthing.

Sablé-Solesmes is a typical example 27 outstanding holes that you would be happy to play everyday - even though you may never have heard of it!  Nearby, Baugé is in similar vein; indeed when you pull up to the ramshackle old Clubhouse you may think you've gone wrong somewhere!  Between these two Golf Clubs alone, there is easily enough golf for a long weekend.

Heading towards the bigger city of Tours, you will come to one of the Frenchest courses in France: 18 gentle holes around the textbook Chateau des Sept Tours.  For a tougher test near Tours, the course at Ardrée will entertain and examine in equal measure.

If you want to mix your golf and culture as closely as possible, Cheverny is the spot for you.  Here, tucked away amongst some of the leading lights in the world of Chateaux, is a pretty parkland/wetland course that sits in a quiet corner of the chateau's original hunting grounds.

Wines of the Loire Valley

As you potter around the countryside, you will not fail to notice an inordinate number of vines and vineyards inviting you in for a dégustation.  The subsoil here is chalky in places (note the caves in the river cliffs), draining well and providing ideal growing conditions for light-hearted, refreshing wines (often served chilled).  There are red, white and rosé wines to taste - and bubbles too! 

Getting to the Loire Valley

If you live in the South of the UK there are two routes to the Loire Valley.  From the East vio Eurotunnel and drive skirting around Paris through Normandy.  From the West (and easier) a ferry crossing to Caen and a short drive south can have you on the Tee by lunchtime. 

Whichever route you take, there are some very good golf courses on the way, so maybe consider breaking your journey with a game of golf?

Flying to the Loire Valley

If you prefer to fly, there are airports at Orly, south of Paris, Rennes out to the West or even straight to Tours, although there is not a huge number of flights into the latter.  Pleaes ask us for the best options from close to where you live.

Once you land, we can arrange a hire-car for you or transfers if you prefer.

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Sample Itinerary

Three nights at Le Relais du Loir with two rounds at Sablé-Solesmes and a round at Baugé.

£ 288.00 per person




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