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Golf holidays in Strasbourg
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Golf holidays in Strasbourg

Golf holidays in Strasbourg

Alsace is a fascinating départment of France that has spent a lot of its past under German rule: a history that is evident in its architecture, cuisine and the local dialect.

A beautiful land of forests and streams with villages and towns composed of Hansel and Gretel houses, canals and narrow cobbled lanes.

In amongst all this fairy tale scenery there are some golfing delights to be found.  Golf courses that thrive on the influx or German golfers as the French side of the Rhine is much flatter than the German side!

The golf courses of Alsace

The 'stand-out' golf course in Alsace is without a doubt Kempferhof with its small château Clubhouse-hotel it is a marvellous little golf retreat.  Nearby the golf course at Strasbourg Golf Club should not be missed for its traditional charms (and contrasting lack of water hazards!).

Further North the course at Soufflenheim is excellent too, with a little more of a modern feel to it.  Perhaps played en-route to Calais for those driving down from the Channel ports.

Wantzenau is a busy Golf Club with a surprising number of golfers willing to take on its watery challenges.

Golf holidays in Strasbourg by car

As long as you enjoy a day driving through France, stopping for lunch at a small roadside hostelry, maybe stopping for a coffee in Reims on the way, then getting to your Strasbourg golf holiday by car is a very feasible method of travel. The drive from Calais will take about five-and-a-half hours on fast French autoroutes: so easy enough with a couple of stops on the way.

Golf holidays in Strasbourg by air

If you prefer to fly, then there are flights to Strasbourg with Air France, however many routes will involve a change of aircraft in Paris. 

The alternative is to fly to Stuttgart or Basel, both of which are around an hour-and-a-half's drive from Strasbourg.

Should you wish to fly, we will provide details of the best schedules and airfares for you to get you on a golf course in Alsace as cheaply and quickly as possible!

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